Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finally something for Noah and some fun mail!

Poor little Noah hasn't had anything knit by me since his Christmas vest, and I can't remember the last thing I knit him before that. So I picked his "Along Came a Grasshopper" longies last night and got to the leg split. I need to take some pictures later because the colorway couldn't be working up better! And hopefully by the end of the week he will have some nice new longies to wear.

In other exciting news my new business cards came in the mail yesterday! If business cards can be beautiful, these sure are. Even Anthony said he was impressed and for the first time thought something about my knitting for others was really cool. lol

I took some really horrible pictures of them yesterday, maybe I will try and get better ones later, but here they are!I am anxiously awaiting the next item I get to send out because it will include one of my fancy cards!

But that's not all! I might have mentioned I am part of a fun 3 months swap with a "secret girlfriend" and we send (and receive) small gifts each month for 3 months before finding out who our girlfriend is. I got my first package yesterday and it couldn't be more perfect!
Little boy "shaving" kits for the boys, Nathan has been trying to shave my fact all day long
homemade salted caramels which I have already eaten half of...oops!
A needle gauge
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's "Never Not Knitting" daily calendar
Some tadoodles markers for the boys
super cute cowboy and sock monkey fabric
a candle that just smells delicious
and best of all some Elliebelly Sock yarn! I can't wait to find the perfect pattern to knit a pair of socks for myself!

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  1. What great treasures!!! Please take a few photos of the boys and their shaving kits. Hilarious!