Saturday, January 30, 2010


In an attempt to control my previously mentioned knitting ADD and finish projects faster I am trying not to cast on too many things at once. However this has now resulted in knitting boredom. I'm waiting on yarn for a custom that I thought would be here this week...but it's not here yet. And also waiting to hear back from a customer before casting on their custom. I'm afraid of casting on something new only to have to put it aside in a day or two, but I really really need something fun to work on!

Maybe a fun Valentine's day project will make me feel better. Back later with some pictures...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A couple of finished works

First Noah's longies are finally done! It only took me 3 months to pick these up again and finish them, but here they are. He just looks so cute in them too

and then the sweater vest is also finished, blocked and dry! Hopefully getting this out in the mail later today. I'm expecting some sock yarn this week, and I hope it gets here soon. It feels weird to be only working on one project right now that is almost finished. But I don't want to cast on anything else with the customs I am waiting for.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Toddler Vest

The only custom I actually have yarn for right now is a toddler vest, which is fun since I just knit a couple of these with my own pattern for the boys a few weeks ago. Here is how it's working up so far. I was worried about the color stacking, but the customer loves it! So no more worries!
I am hoping to finish most of it up today, maybe tomorrow morning and get it blocked and ready to ship out!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Grand Opening!

Don't forget to visit The Custom Rack tomorrow for some custom slots from some great knitters. Including a pair of custom socks knit by me!

Knitting ADD

I think I need to give myself some knitting deadlines for personal knitting if I ever want to finish!

I am not the kind of knitter who can cast on one thing and knit it until it is done. Unless it takes a day or less I start to get a little antsy and during hours of plain stockinette start to think of what other sorts of beautiful things I can create.

Usually this results in coming up with something I am so excited about that I have to cast it on. right. then.

I set aside my current project "just for a minute" while I get the new one started. Telling myself "I'll just do a swatch to see how this looks" or "I'll just cast on so it's ready to go when I finish with this". A whole day later and I am halfway into a new project...starting to think of what I can do next!

My problem right now is I only have one custom lined up and I am still waiting on a couple of measurements before I move forward. I hate frogging, so better safe than sorry. So instead of finishing Noah's longies by today which could have been easily done I instead cast on an Arabella dress for a guest stocking I am doing in February. I have plenty of time to finish it, but knitting for 2 boys for the last year just made me want to get started right away!

So currently I am working
a surprise for a friend
Noah's grasshopper longies
an Arabella dress
and staring at some yarn for a vest just waiting to cast on.

and this is not including my works in progress I have put on hold for a while!

I *almost* cast on some socks for myself with my beautiful new yarn, but I'll have another sock custom to work on in the next week, so that will cover my need for sock knitting this week!

I feel like my knitting is the story "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie":
"If you give a knitter some yarn, she is going to want to cast on.
After knitting for a while, she is going to get bored and begin to daydream.
In all of her daydreaming, she will suddenly come up with the perfect idea!
Because this idea is just *so* perfect she has to search through her yarn to see if she has something that she can use for it.
While searching, she finds something that is just right, so she decides to knit a little bit of it just to get started.
It is such s fun project, that she knits just a little longer...until the project is half done!
Once she gets halfway through, she starts to daydream..."

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finally something for Noah and some fun mail!

Poor little Noah hasn't had anything knit by me since his Christmas vest, and I can't remember the last thing I knit him before that. So I picked his "Along Came a Grasshopper" longies last night and got to the leg split. I need to take some pictures later because the colorway couldn't be working up better! And hopefully by the end of the week he will have some nice new longies to wear.

In other exciting news my new business cards came in the mail yesterday! If business cards can be beautiful, these sure are. Even Anthony said he was impressed and for the first time thought something about my knitting for others was really cool. lol

I took some really horrible pictures of them yesterday, maybe I will try and get better ones later, but here they are!I am anxiously awaiting the next item I get to send out because it will include one of my fancy cards!

But that's not all! I might have mentioned I am part of a fun 3 months swap with a "secret girlfriend" and we send (and receive) small gifts each month for 3 months before finding out who our girlfriend is. I got my first package yesterday and it couldn't be more perfect!
Little boy "shaving" kits for the boys, Nathan has been trying to shave my fact all day long
homemade salted caramels which I have already eaten half of...oops!
A needle gauge
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's "Never Not Knitting" daily calendar
Some tadoodles markers for the boys
super cute cowboy and sock monkey fabric
a candle that just smells delicious
and best of all some Elliebelly Sock yarn! I can't wait to find the perfect pattern to knit a pair of socks for myself!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kei Mai socks

I finally finished and blocked the socks for my holiday swap partner. They turned out just too pretty to not deserve their own new post.
This pattern is just beautiful, pretty simple to add, but the end result is stunning. I love cookie a patterns.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brown Bear Mountian Mittens

Nathan lost one of his mittens a few days ago and has been sadly wearing the lonely mitten around the house the last couple of days. So I decided he needed some new mittens, and knit these up quickly yesterday to match his Tickle Hat! He loves them so much he begged to wear them during his nap today. He was funny trying to climb into bed while not being able to use his fingers :-)

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Tickle Hat

My first custom from "The Custom Rack" is a Tickle Hat for a wonderful WAHM's son!
Just cast on last night, but it's going quickly so I should have some progress pictures soon!

What a fun quick knit! I finished it over the weekend, and am getting ready to send it off to it's new home tomorrow morning.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Custom Rack

I'm now stocking custom slots at The Custom Rack on Hyena Cart! I don't have any slots listed right now, but our grand opening is coming up on January 13th at 12:30pm!

ETA Grand opening has been pushed back to the 20th!