Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Personal knitting!

It might seem like I've been neglecting my blog, and well...I kind of have. BUT I've been posting on it's sister blog about our family a lot more recently. Don't forget to check out ...of one kind and another !

Since November I put the knitting for business on hold and decided I wanted to knit some special items for my family, which unfortunately means I've been terrible about taking pictures, because when I'm the customer I don't need a WIP picture. But here are a few that I managed to snap shots of, some even with action shots!

First up, Elise's coming home outfit. My very favorite thing I think I have ever knit

and a picture of Elise wearing this cuteness

I won't make this a crazy long post with a million pictures, but here are a few more of my favorites from the last couple of months

and last but not least, I have a new pattern coming out soon for a nb gown

Elise was more than happy to model

Hopefully to be released by Valentine's day, with plenty of time to knit up and snuggle in for the rest of the cold winter!

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