Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A few things I've finished recently

*disclaimer: It is rainy and dark here and my pictures are terrible*

First  couple of vests I knit as a custom

A sweater I knit for Elise

And  vest that I started for Nathan for Easter

I love the cabling on this and am having a lot of fun adapting the pattern to what I want it to look like. I love being able to be creative.


  1. love these! esp. that first sweater vest. uber cute.

    I'm working on the "sweet dreams" sleeper and really like it. I just got to the bottom of the body and will start on the arms soon. somehow I'm 10 stitches short of what I should have...not sure how that happened, but I think it will still be wide enough. we shall see.

  2. You will have to share a picture when it's done! It should still work just fine with less stitches, the first one I knit for Elise didn't have any increases at all and it still fit nicely :)