Friday, April 16, 2010

50 Things to Do This Summer

*Well summer is almost over and I am only halfway through! Some of these things have become impossible though due to #1 being pregnant, and #2 not going to the beach this year.

 I was reminding while reading another blog that back in college, I used to make up lists of things I wanted to accomplish. "50 things to do by graduation", "50 things to do this semester", and my very favorite "50 things to do this summer".

So I thought I'd bring it back. I have all kinds of plans of what I want to do with the boys in the next few months, and those who know me know I am the list making type! So here is my list of things I plan on doing by the end of the summer.

1. Go to the zoo 5-16
2. Eat ice cream  4-24

3. Sit outside and watch a storm
4. Go for a long walk 5-23
5. Swim
6. Swim in the ocean
7. Watch a softball game
8. Plant a garden
9. Sell this condo!
10. Go to an Indians game
11. See Lady Gaga in concert
12. Dance 5-24

13. Go to a bonfire
14. Go to the Natural History Museum
15. Swing
16. Go to the Great Lakes Science Center
17. Play the Piano
18. Knit
19. Watch Pride and Prejudice (the good one)
20. Watch a movie outside
21. Take lots of pictures
22. Play at the park
23. Go to the Aquarium
24. Take a trip to Bowling Green
25. Go to a FOP (might not work anymore now that I don't have a car)5-1
26. Try something I have never done before 6-12 I ran a 5k!
27. Have a movie marathon
28. Cedar Point!
29. Stay up too late talking
30. Take the boys to a movie
31. Throw an awesome LOST party 5-23 It would have been even better if WEWS didn't mess up the signal during the entire episode.
32. Turn 26! 6-11
33. Run a 5k 6-12 and I won a silver medal too!
34. Play outside all day
25. Make pickles
26. Go to morning Mass
27. Have a game night 6-10
28. Visit with friends
29. Try new recipes
30. Paint my toenails5-16
31. Get a hair cut
32. Go to an Aeros game
33. Try new art projects with the boys
34. Sew
35. Design something new 5-6
36. M (when I asked Nathan what we should do this summer this was his answer), I think he means Starfall
37. Blocks (Noah's answer)
38. Sit outside
39. Watch the stars
40. See Fireworks
41. Go to the fair
42. Hug
43. Read a good book
44. Write a letter
45. Sleep in
46. Pack this house up
47. Go to Adoration
48. Eat sushi 5-17
49. Play in the rain
50. Go on a date with Anthony 6-11


  1. this makes my list look pathetic. hahah. number 19. agreed, party all day with pride and prejudice. only because it's so freaking long that we'd have to.

  2. Oh for sure Marian, probably while knitting.